Fee Schedule

Aircraft Type: Landing Fees:
Twin-turbine aircraft exceeding 12,500MGLW up to 19,999 MGLW $25
Aircraft 20,000 - 74,999 MGLW $75
Aircraft 75,000 MGLW - 99,999 MGLW $150
Aircraft 100,000 MGLW or greater $200
Aircraft Type: Tie Down Fees:
Single/Multi-Engine Piston $5/day
Single/Multi-Engine Turbo $10/day
Jets Under 20,000 lbs $25/day
All Other Jets $50/day
Monthly Tie Down Fee for Elko County Residents $70/day
Fuel Flowage Fees $.030 per gallon of fuel pumped
Land Lease Fee $0.28 per square foot, per year